Injured Worker Claims

Injured Worker Claims

Getting your injured worker immediate medical attention is the most important first step. Use the information below for:

  • Reporting your claims
  • Claims kits
  • Finding a medical provider (for non-emergencies)


It’s fast, easy and convenient and allows for 24/7 claims reporting.
Receive a confirmation number after submission.

REPORT BY PHONE: (800) 825-9489
Please have your policy number and name of insured/policyholder as named on the policy.

Please have the following claimant information:
Full name, age, date of birth, social security number
Date/hours of employment and wages
Date, time and location of injury
Home address and phone number

REPORT BY E-MAIL: [email protected]

REPORT BY FAX: (855) 603-8409 (Yep, we can still do that!)
Email or fax your completed State Workers’ Compensation First Report of Injury form.

Download Claim Forms by State
In order to email or fax your claim, you will need a state has a special form. In order to access those, click the link above.

Claims Kit

Your Workers’ Compensation Claims Kit

Download Claims Kit

Download Injury Reporting Procedures

Find a Provider

Find a Medical Provider Network

( Except California )

MPN Employer Administration Guide

Medical E-Bill Solutions
Meadowbrook partners with WorkCompEDI to accept electronic billing for Workers’ Compensation Medical bills. Providers may contact WorkCompEDI to establish an electronic billing partnership. Meadowbrook’s electronic billing payer ID is WR778.
Phone: (888) 201-5886
[email protected]

( California MPN Information )

Many MPN forms, notices and materials are available for download. If you are in the need of any notifications regarding the medical provider network that is required to be given to an employee you may email the MPN contact.

Meadowbrook, Inc. MPN
MPN Contact
JoAnn Lamoya
Phone: (800) 825-9489 Ext.3131
Fax: (855) 603-8187
[email protected]
MMA Contact
Ray Pilapel
Phone: (800) 825-9489 Ext.3137
Fax: (855) 603-8409
[email protected]
Toll Free: (800) 825-9489
Further Assistance

AmeriTrust Service Center

P.O. Box 219559
Kansas City, MO 64121-9559
[email protected]
Toll Free: (800) 825-9489

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