Workers' Compensation for Small Business Owners

Workers’ Compensation for Small Businesses

Plain and simple. Accidents can and do happen in the workplace. Workers’ Compensation insurance helps you protect one of your businesses’ most valuable assets, your employees, should they be injured or become ill while performing their job duties. Workers’ Compensation coverage also protects you by providing legal liability coverage in the event the business faces legal expenses or damages which may arise from workplace injury or illness.

AmeriTrust Group carriers provide the required insurance products, loss prevention and claims services needed to help you take care of your valued employees and reduce the impact of workplace accidents on your business.

Your Workers’ Compensation insurance can protect you from

  • Medical costs associated with claim
  • Wage replacement for injured employee
  • Coverage for ongoing care and rehabilitation
  • Disability payments
  • Death benefits to families

Flexible payment plan options for qualified businesses

  • Zero-Down, 11 installments
  • 25% down, 9 installments
  • 40% down, 3 installments
  • Annual pay

Proactive claims handling approach

We act quickly to investigate, evaluate, and resolve claims while helping your employees receive the right care, from the right providers, at the right time. We manage our own Medical Provider Network and have multiple PPOs customized for our national coverage.

Our workers’ compensation claim handling philosophy has:

  • Medical management thoroughly integrated
  • Cost containment procedures as key elements
  • Registered nurses performing early intervention, with physicians providing timely and appropriate care

All policies underwritten by a licensed insurer subsidiary.

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