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What should you do before an on-the-job injury or illness occurs?

Post all appropriate posters and signage
Each state has its own laws about what must be posted and distributed relating to workers’ compensation information in your workplace. You, as the employer, are required to post the certificate and posters required by your state in each of your locations where you have one or more employees. Please go to your state workers’ compensation website for compliance requirements in your state.

Develop an effective work-place safety program
AmeriTrust Group, Inc. can help you reduce the chances that an on-the-job injury or illness will occur through the development and communication of a work-place safety program.

Post a panel of Medical Providers that injured employees must use in case of injury
In most states, the employer has the authority to determine which hospitals, doctors, or urgent care facilities their employee must use in case of injury. Visit to obtain a list of in-network medical providers for your area.

Create a return-to-work program
Transitional modified jobs for injured workers can reduce the impact of their injured worker’s injury or illness.


What should you do after an on-the-job injury or illness occurs?

  • Transport the injured employee to a medical care facility (in the case of any emergency, call 911 immediately)
  • Order a post-accident drug test
  • Secure the scene of any serious accident for investigative purposes
  • Secure and save any equipment or materials that were involved in the accident
  • Complete an accident investigation report within 24 hours
  • Report the claim to AmeriTrust

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